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  • Full Name:Tushar Vijay Pawar
  • Phone:+91-9833588079
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address:Rhenius Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru

Hello There!

I am Tushar, Deep Learning practitioner by profession, competitive programmer at heart with a doer mentality. I believe in having in-depth understanding of the domain, rigorous hands-on experience and building tools for faster prototyping when working on any project, whether it be software or hardware.

I have worked on many deep learning based computer vision solutions and deployed them to production for real-time performance. I am also a Competitive Programmer and regularly participate in online competitions on HackerRank, Codechef and also participated in ACM-ICPC 2016.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    Infilect - Oct-2018 - Current

    Working on generation of attention heatmaps on various marketing and advertising creatives designs to analyze them for their effectivity.

  • Senior Computer Vision Engineer

    BigApp Technologies - Jul-2018 - Sept-2018

    Developed state of the art Deep Learning based Facial Recognition software to be integrated with security surveillance systems.

  • Research Engineer

    Praemineo - Jun-2017 - Jun-2018

    Built a multilingual optical character recognition system which is able to extract text from the image of a document with 96% accuracy using deep neural networks.

  • Remote Intern

    IBM - Jan-2017 - Jun-2017

    Developed IBM Security Key Lifecycle Management server log analyser tool. Used to analyse key requests made in various formats and their respective server responses at a single dashboard. Written in javascript using node.js framework.

  • Development Intern

    Technovision Engineering PVT LTD - Jul-2015 - Jun-2016

    Worked on the development of cloud based DLP 3D printer used for prototyping designs of very small engineering parts and jewellery with the resolution of 10 microns.

  • Education

  • Bachelors Degree

    University of Mumbai - 2013 - 2017

    Made a machine to write my college assignments for me in my handwriting. Checkout my Youtube channel to see it in action.

  • High School

    Kendriya Vidyalaya - 2011 - 2013

    Got started with competitive programming. Solved many problems on online coding platforms like HarckerRank, SPOJ, Google CodeJam

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